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Myths of how children learn to eat

Explore the myths...


Myth 1

Eating is instinctive - eating is developmental and is learnt through mirroring and observing others eat. Copy cat behaviour.


Myth 2

Eating is a two step process - eating skills are highly complex and takes 32 steps to develop. It goes from learning consciously to subconscious competence.


Myth 3 

All children develop eating skills at the same time - just like talking crawling walking etc, eating has a developmental continuum and is very individual per child. It is quite normal for even. Four year old to want to be fed after a busy day.


Myth 4

Eating is the body’s number 1 priority

Breathing is the body’s number one priority… 


Myth 5

Certain foods have to be eaten at certain times of day - what foods are eaten when,  is a very culturally driven choice as well as an economic decision and influenced by industry.

Why can’t you have spaghetti bolognaise for breakfast and a bowl of warm oats for supper? 

Children actually cope better at the beginning of the day vs the end of the day on a sensory level x considering food is a sensory experience of varying degrees it makes sense to serve a low sensory meal towards the end of the day.  

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There's a lot going on these days for our 3-5 year olds. It used to always stress me out when Carter was going through a picky-eating phase. I decided he needed essential nutrients so I started making him 'peanut butter bomb' smoothies (for minis!) So easy and delicious: blend one banana, Greek yogurt, peanut butter and PediaSure chocolate, it's a smoothie he can't resist! I know he's getting the essential nutrients he needs to keep him strong!


Getting your picky eaters daily dietary needs met is easy with PediaSure. PediaSure is a clinically proven child nutritional supplement that helps support growth and development and can be used in your picky eaters' favourite snack! With this versatility, it's bound to make a mum's job easier. The kids loved their berry smoothie popsicle, perfect for this hot weather!

Zeenat Carrim

As quickly as she's grown, growing bodies need essential nutrients for immunity support and development, that's why I give my little one PediaSure. PediaSure is a nutritional supplement clinically proven to help improve your children's appetite and contains essential nutrients to help provide immunity support, especially during these cold winter months.

Nikita Camacho

My daughter loves PediaSure so much! It contains essential nutrients that help support immunity and growth, so that means I don't have to worry about her getting sick and missing school or fun times with her friends this winter season.

Angeline Sekobela

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Vlog 2 (next blog): Sensory personalities and feeding

Each child is so unique and just like adults have different preferences, interests, likes and dislike so do our children.



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