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Kath Megaw's Picky Eaters Guide with Pediasure

Is your child a picky eater? PediaSure & Kath Megaw is here to help. PediaSure has partnered with Paediatric Dietician, Kath Megaw, to help you navigate your child’s picky eating behaviour. Brace yourself for this nutritional journey, as we’ll be covering plenty of topics that touch on your little one’s choices when it comes to feeding.

Vlog 1

Vlog 1: Myths of how children learn to eat

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Vlog 2

Vlog 2: Sensory personalities and feeding

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Vlog 3

Vlog 3: Sensory processing disorders and eating behaviours

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Vlog 4

Vlog 4: Feeding with allergies and through illness

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Vlog 5

Vlog 5: Constipation and Picky Eating in Children

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Vlog 6

Vlog 6: The psychological impact of food battles

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Vlog 7

Vlog 7: Mindful eating and understanding your relationship with food, as a parent

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Vlog 8

Vlog 8: Nutritional rehab and feeding holidays

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Vlog 9

Vlog 9: Changing the feeding narrative

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Vlog 10

Vlog 10: Making the food journey fun

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Recommended by parents, approved by picky eaters.

Parents and children recommend PediaSure® for its delicious flavor, ability to incorporate it into yummy recipes, and the 27 vitamins and minerals that help keep children strong and active.


My son’s appetite has improved and he has gained a few kilos ever since he started using Pediasure and it tastes so good.

Palesa - 07 Oct 2023


A very trusted friend of mine who is a professional health practitioner recommended this product for me. I trust her with everything I have so I bought it. She says it has Omega 3 that helps with brain function of a child.

Zine - 30 May 2023


My 3 yr old who does not like food absolutely loves this. I pack it in her lunch box everday. It's a winner

Eleanor - 13 Sep 2023


My kiddo loves this and very few shops stock it so grateful that TakeaLot has it in stock.

Rudi - 17 Aug 2023


Very good product to help child grow physically and mentally. Highly recommended

MJ - 24 Aug 2023


Love Pediasure, my kids are crazy about it. Definitely my go to when my kids don't eat well.

Monique - 01 Aug 2023