Penguin Porridge

Penguin Porridge

Look what’s waddled onto the breakfast table! Perk up your little chicks with this easy and nutritious Penguin Porridge, enriched with PediaSure® Vanilla. Try frozen berries such as blueberries for the penguin’s wings and eyes, and clementine segments for the beak and feet.

Serves: 1


    1. Combine porridge and PediaSure® Vanilla in a bowl.
    2. Prepare using the sachet instructions.
    3. Stir gently, decorate and serve!


The cooking process and any change in temperature, particularly when heating, may affect the product composition with the loss of certain ingredients. Physical stability of the product may be also affected.


1 pack of instant porridge

3 scoops* of PediaSure® Vanilla flavour powder

Fruit to decorate


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